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Modern cars tend to take a lot of heat when it comes to the old vs. new vehicle argument, especially from the mouths of classic car enthusiasts. But how do you get to the truth when you’re not a car expert? We’ll separate fact from fiction for you with 13 of the silliest misconceptions about modern cars. Take notes – and be sure to check out our list of 11 auto industry myths when you’re done!

1. Diesel = Smokey

Guess what? Modern diesel cars are not only powerful and efficient, but they’re also clean! No smoke and mirrors on this one – go ahead and dig the diesel.

2. Seatbelts Are Dangerous

Sure, there are horror stories related to people getting seriously injured by their car belts in a crash, but the truth is everything in your car can hurt you in an accident. That seatbelt is still regarded as an important lifesaver!

3. Modern Cars Suck

The general design and aesthetic of modern cars might not be for everyone, but these babies hardly suck. And when compared to automobiles of the past, modern vehicles offer better safety features, better fuel efficiency, and faster engines. Plus, they come equipped with some seriously cool tech.

4. Winter Tires Aren’t Necessary

Tires that offer more grip on the road are the best option in winter weather. Period. Your all-season’s might do an ok job when it comes to light snow, but if the roads have got a heavy coating, you’ll need winter tires to drive them safely.

5. Automatics Aren’t Efficient

If you can’t drive stick, don’t worry! Automatics can be just as efficient thanks to advancements in modern car models and additional gears.

6. You’ve GOT to Warm Up the Engine

Running the engine for 10 minutes before driving somewhere in the winter isn’t necessary when it comes to modern cars. There’s no need to “warm up” the carburetor – only older vehicles need(ed) that kind of assistance – your engine’s oil supply (especially if you’re using synthetic-based oils) will be just fine without the waiting game.

7. They Shouldn’t Be Serviced at Home

It may be more difficult to play around with what’s under the hood in a modern car (most are sealed off), but that doesn’t mean you’re not “allowed” to perform some basic maintenance yourself.

8. Rear-Wheel Drive is Scary

Modern safety controls help keep cars out of the danger zone in most cases, but for those still unsure about the safety of RWD just simple the golden rule: don’t speed and everything will be fine.

9. Modern Cars Aren’t Solid

Since the 1970s, cars have been outfitted with powerful features that ensure passenger safety. Clarification: modern cars ARE sturdy and solid.

10. Two-Door Cars Are Faster

Speed is not determined by how many doors your car is rockin’ – sorry coupe fans. There are plenty of four-door modern cars on the market that offer incredible performance stats…along with more cabin room. May we point you in the direction of the Audi RS7?

11. The Yellow Light in Inclement Weather is a Bad Sign

Not all lights are bad! When dealing with rain or snowy weather, a modern car’s traction control turns on to help your vehicle deal with slippery road conditions. So really, that yellow light is a great sign.

12. It’s New… It Doesn’t Need Servicing

All cars need to be regularly maintained, no matter their age. Older vehicles may require some extra TLC for optimal performance, but don’t think just because you drive a modern car that you are exempt from routine servicing.

13. SUVs are Safer to Drive

Bigger doesn’t always equal better! While most might feel like they’re safer on the road when inside a big and hulking truck or SUV, the fact of the matter is modern cars are just as safe. Manufacturers have figured out a variety of ways to create vehicles that are lighter in overall weight and in some cases, even safer than the sports utility vehicle.

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