2014 Mazda 6: Your Escape from Adulthood

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Whether you’re flinging it around a track, or bumper battling your way to work the new Mazda 6 has what you need. I can’t help but smile at the person who has bought a new Mazda 6 and fought to banish beige and blandness from a segment that sees nothing but. While the competitors are focused on miles per gallon, the Mazda 6 focuses on smiles per gallon, and gets quite a few miles in there as well coming in at 30-35 mpg in real world driving. When buying a new car it used to be a tough decision between the Ford Fusion and the family vacation to Mexico. Now it’s no battle… Just a Mazda 6.

 Skyactively dethroning Volkswagen TDI

According to Mazda, the 2.2-liter’s compression ratio of 14.0:1 is the world’s lowest in a production diesel engine. This enables the adoption of an all-aluminum block, lighter engine components, and optimized combustion timing which equals nothing short of a rival to the legendary Volkswagen TDI. The new 6 also comes with an uncommon third pedal for those thrill seekers looking for a little more. For those looking for more economy, Mazda’s innovative i-ELOOP system takes the energy the car wastes on slowing down and by using magic pixie dust and unicorn feathers it turns that into energy used to power your car. A 186 horsepower 2.5L 4 cylinder engine provides a sufficient amount of go, with an exceptional dose of fuel economy.

 An interior that would make a Mercedes jealous

The new aggressive exterior looks contain a handsome and stylishly reserved look. It remains understated but beautiful if gazed upon. Retaining the best balance in a 4 door mass produced sedan. In other words, perfect. This theme of perfection continues on the inside, consuming the driver in a minimalistic but tasteful combination of quality plastics and gadgetry that could make an iPhone enthusiast blush.

Top of its class

The Mazda 6 disregards the infrastructure of its competition, never selling in large volumes like its rivals. However it has an immensely underrated foundation of thrill, practicality and economy that when combined becomes nearly untouchable considering value. It somehow excludes itself from an overly crowded pack, and shows that the family doesn’t have to settle for cheap and practical. You can have the best of both worlds.

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