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new vehicle paperwork

One of the most overlooked yet important steps in the car buying process is the paperwork that follows the agreement to buy the car. So, even if you have already successfully negotiated your ideal price with the dealer and figured out your monthly payments, you are not on the clear just yet.

Once the deal is reached, you need to arrange financing, sign sales contracts and register the car. This may sound simple, but the process often takes hours. This is also when the dealer will try to sell you extra features, most of which we explain in this article. So, before you head over to the dealer to settle everything, make sure you are prepared.

What You Need to Bring With You

Payment: If you are borrowing from a financial institution, you should bring the cheque to show the dealer that you are pre-approved for a loan. You can also bring a personal cheque or a credit card for the down payment if you are financing through the dealer. Dealers vary when it comes to the kind of payments they accept, so be sure to ask them ahead of time.

Driver’s license: If you are planning to drive the vehicle off the lot, then you will need to show the dealer that you are qualified. You may also need the driver’s license to confirm your identity for your cheque, credit card or other form of payment.

Insurance: Since it is illegal to drive a car in Canada without insurance, you need to show the dealer that you have one. If you know which car you are buying, simply call your preferred insurance company and set up the new insurance policy. Alternatively, you can call your insurance company from the dealership and provide your new vehicle identification number (VIN). The company will then email or fax your insurance credentials to the dealer.

Car Delivery

Once you have everything set up, the next step is to obtain the actual vehicle, which means that you have to wait for the dealer to “deliver” it to you. The process usually takes about an hour, but sometimes it can take longer. Weekends can be particularly lengthy due to the bigger amount of car buyers, so it may be better to finalize your deal on a weekday.

Once you see the vehicle, be sure to inspect it thoroughly in order to check if it is in proper condition and contains all the equipment promised. Also take a look at the gas tank – it should be full.

There is a way to speed up the delivery by asking the dealer to bring the vehicle to your home or workplace. If you do that, you will not have to wait for the car or even finalize your purchase at the dealership. Instead, you will be able to do so from the location where you receive the vehicle.

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