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Car accidents happen all the time. Sometimes they are little fender benders, sometimes they have more tragic results. While, as drivers, we do all we can to avoid car accidents, many of us also find them to be exciting – as awful as that may sound. After all, there is a reason action movies are jam-packed with car chases and special effects. We can’t seem to ignore them when they happen.

The most memorable car accident in recent memory was one that happened in Toronto on May 31, 2015, as seen in this video from CTV News. A black Subaru went airborne, leaping over several parked cars, and smashed into the side of a North York auto repair shop. How ironic.

It’s unlucky that accidents happen, but when they do – and they are filmed – some of us can’t help but watch, because why not? Here are 9 crazy accidents that were unlucky enough to happen, but lucky enough to be caught on tape.

1 . Botched Escape

Here we see a white van flee police until it approaches an intersection where a random blue vehicle comes out of nowhere. The van collides and rolls off to the side of the road. But, the craziness continues as numerous individuals exit the van and run.

2. 720-Degree Spin

A red-light camera captures an insane 720-degree spin that a car goes through after hitting a vehicle at an intersection, launching off the median divider and going airborne.

3. The Caddy Collision

When a drunk driver attempts to escape from police, only bad things can happen. This video proves it well. A Cadillac, operated by a drunk driver, swerves on the freeway, hits a van and a semi. Consequently, the vehicles jackknife onto the side of the road with a lot of carnage.

4. Blind Side

Passing a large truck on the blind side is a risky maneuver. When a car driving down the highway attempts to pass a truck, it has little idea that the truck driver was intending to switch lanes. The result is an intense swerve to regain control that ultimately fails.

5. The Manhole

How much damage can an open manhole do? This video answers that nagging question. An SUV hits a manhole with no cover and flips, rolling on its side.

6. Stay Awake!

Here the camera catches a man falling asleep behind the wheel. It happens in a split second. He nods off, the car loses control and without a seatbelt to protect him, he flies into the backseat.

7. Truck vs. Car vs. Bike

In a three-way crash between a truck, a car and a bicycle, there is little doubt who would take the worst of it. But in this case, it’s hard to say. On a Russian intersection, a biker is seen crossing, then in the distance we see a blue truck approach, but with an unfortunate miscalculation, a red car soars through, hitting the truck. The truck swerves, knocking the bicyclist over, and crashes onto its side. The biker sits there shocked for a second and then commences to help those in the vehicles.

8. Thank You, Come Again

A lady exits a gas station, enters her vehicle, reverses into a gas pump and then charges right back into the store. The reaction of the store patrons when the vehicle comes crashing through the door is priceless.

9. Losing Control

South East Asia is known for its lawless traffic. It doesn’t matter how snug you are in your car – if there is one dangerous driver on the road, nobody is safe. In this video, a truck in Thailand loses control, swerves into the opposing lane, hits two cars – at least – one of which is the vehicle with the dash cam that caught it all happen.

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