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How to Decide Which Car Features You Want vs. Need

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Oil slicks, ejector seats and rocket boosts may not be practical car features in the real world, but there are other unnecessary additions you’ll want to look out for as well. Manufactures and dealers will try to up sell and install luxury and impractical features that will end up increasing your budget, becoming useless in the long-term and may even hinder your vehicle’s capability and resale value. Yes, life’s greatest struggle is trying to determine what you really want and what you actually need. And same applies to car features.

If you have purchased a car before, you probably have a good idea about your habits behind the wheel. You know what makes you comfortable and secure. You might have also been a passenger inside a friend’s vehicle where you saw all the cool toggles and switches on their dashboard and thought – my next car will have those things. But not so fast, let’s not succumb to peer pressure or cheap sales tactics. Take a moment to determine what you really need! Read More

5 Car-Related Super Bowl Commercials That Will Make You Smile

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With over 100 million views, Super Bowl commercials have recently developed into their own entity; they have become another form of entertainment – as big as the half-time show. Large portions of people watch football secondary to these high-budget shorts that command up to $4 million for 30 seconds of airtime. Believe it or not, car commercials dominate most of that airtime, and we will show you why with our top five picks. Read More

How to Buy a New Car That Would Suit Your Daily Needs

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Like a new sweater or a new haircut, a new car is no different – It has to suit you and you alone. On one hand, a vehicle is a necessity, and on the other hand, a vehicle is fashion. It’s what people see you arriving and leaving in, so it is important that it represents you in the right way. But hey, I get it – cars are not something everyone can splurge on. We must be practical. So, how can we find the balance between budget and lifestyle to get us going in the direction we want? Simple. Just follow our guide and you’ll get there! Read More

How to Make an Insurance Claim After a Serious Car Accident

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insurance claim

Accidents happen and so must insurance claims. The ebb and flow of traffic lends itself to many unfortunate scenarios and even the safest drivers can find themselves victims of an automobile accident. So, what now? What do you do after you survived  that traumatic event? How can you be sure you’ll avoid any financial loss, in addition to getting the rehabilitation you deserve? Let us walk you through the process! Read More

How to Use Rebates and Incentives to Buy a Perfect New Car

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While retailers like Walmart or Costco may offer coupons, car manufacturers and dealerships tend to provide discounts via rebates and incentives. Car rebates and incentives are programs that stimulate sales for car manufacturers by passing some savings to buyers, in effect lowering your drive-away price. If you’re not sure how to use rebates and incentives when negotiating the best car deals, here are some pointers you should consider. Read More

How to Get Your Car Ready for a Winter Apocalypse

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Winter is not just the time when you bundle yourself up and brace for the cold. Your car needs the same treatment, especially if it’s a new car. Sure, it may not look as good as you do with a scarf and a toque on, but little additions to your ride during these winter months can make all the difference, especially if you’re in the middle of a deep freeze.

A checklist for winter driving may not only improve your car’s deal come resale time, but it may also save your life during less than ideal driving conditions. If you wish to commute through the ice and snow, it would be wise to set aside a winter budget for your car— just look at it as buying a nice jacket for your vehicle. Here are some key areas to focus on: Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Torque and Horsepower

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torque and horsepower

If you are in the market to buy a new car, it is imperative to realize both torque and horsepower are playing a big role in your new car’s performance. Most car deals you see advertise the impressive amount of horsepower the engine provides, but tend to ignore torque. It seems, as usual, the bigger the numbers, the better, but be warned that having too much of either can be a bad thing.

Don’t always look for the highest numbers in the specs, but work backwards after figuring out your needs as a new driver, as simply having a high horsepower is not the key to good performance. So, what do all these numbers mean, and how are the two concepts related? Let’s find out. Read More

Autonomous Cars are The Future Whether You Like It or Not

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Let’s face the cold facts: we as humans are hardly suitable to drive. I say this only because we are killing ourselves all the time but thankfully Google is inadvertently trying to put a stop to it. Even some car manufacturers such as Volvo and GM are investing and testing the idea of autonomous cars as well. Perhaps with this new technology over 2000 people won’t have to die in car accidents each year. Read More

Odds of Getting Caught Drinking and Driving

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The last time you left the bar in a cab, did you think everyone did the same thing? Let’s be honest… we all know that certain someone who has climbed behind the wheel after a couple drinks. According to Paul Zador, Sheila Krawchuk, and B. Moore, the average person who is caught driving drunk has already gotten away with it 87 times. Some people might consider driving under the influence to be a seemingly less harmful act, but don’t be fooled. In 2010, it was estimated that 2,541 individuals were killed in motor vehicle crashes in Canada. MADD Canada estimates that at a minimum 1,082 of these fatalities were impairment-related. In their opinion, the 1,082 figure is a conservative estimate, due to the underreporting that results from the inability to conduct alcohol tests on surviving impaired drivers and from the need to rely on police reports. Read More

Auto Financing Tips

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happy woman receiving car key

We live in difficult and uncertain times. Government debt is ballooning, inflation threatening and unemployment increasing. More than ever, individuals are called to be smart and vigilant with their finances. Among our significant investments, our house and cars rank as our biggest expenditure. Buying these items require considerable thought and careful weighing of options. The safety and security of our family is at stake in case we make bad judgments. Read More

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