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A Car for Your 16-Year-Old: How to Balance Price and Safety

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Is there any better feeling than being handed the keys to your very first car? Only if that car is bought and paid for by mom and dad! But buying Junior’s new ride often comes with a ton of questions – mainly how safe is it on the road and how light is it on the wallet? Lorraine Sommerfeld of and shares her expert tips on how to balance safety with your budget when buying a car for your teenager. Read More

9 Modern Car Features We All Hate

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There’s no denying that the cars of yesteryear had their problems, but when it comes to features those old timers had a pretty good grasp on what they were doing! Modern cars may be safer and better-looking (depending on who you talk to), but not all of their updates have been welcomed with open arms. Sorry modern manufacturers! Here’s nine modern car features we all totally hate: Read More

What Makes a Luxury Car “Luxurious”?

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If we’re going to talk luxury cars, then we’ve first got to understand what the word “luxurious” means in relation to the automobile world. Once upon a time, Unhaggle asked if luxury cars were really worth the cost and it was there that the definition was revealed – a luxury car is an ideal. It looks good, feels good, drives well and while you might not actually need the thing, it’s pretty nice getting to park one in your driveway year round. Read More

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