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Can Toyota Corolla Be More Than Just an Economy Car? Perhaps

Our review score: 7.3 / 10

The 2015 Toyota Corolla builds on its solid foundations by improving its style, cabin comfort and technology.

The Toyota Corolla has a long history – almost 50 years for that matter – of being a reliable and economical car. Despite not having all of the bells and whistles boasted by many other vehicles in the segment, the Corolla has remained one of the best-selling vehicles on the market. But can the Corolla overcome its stereotype and become more than just a trouble-free economy sedan? The 2015 model might just give us our answer.

It Rides in Style

The Toyota Corolla has typically been bland and simple, boring even, when it comes to external design. Toyota put an end to that in 2014 though, when the automaker completely remodelled the exterior design by adding more sportiness to this vehicle – design method the automaker calls “Iconic Dynamism.” The wheels are now near the corners of the car, giving it a more athletic stance and additions like LED headlamps and running lights that complete the look. The front end gets some more tweaking this year with a painted front grille to add more style. No longer does this vehicle blend in so well that it might as well be a chameleon.

From Drab to Fab

The interior details on the 2015 Corolla are a huge standout. Toyota has been criticized for using low-quality products and hard plastics throughout the interior, which left it looking and feeling a bit cheap. The redesign, however, changes all of this. The materials got a significant upgrade in quality, with the dash being at the forefront of this design shift, as it now boasts soft-touch materials with faux stitching.

Despite the upgrade in design and materials, the focus is still on controls, which are still incredibly easy to master – with an added touch of refinement this time around. The interior space also looks deceivingly larger thanks to the two-tier design that pushes the corners of the cabin outward for the impression of increased space.

Time to Embrace the Future

The technology features in the Corolla have been bare-bones for a number of years, but the 2014 upgrade has changed that. Toyota has introduced its infotainment system, Entune, across the lineup. This system is not only competitive, but it’s actually one of the best in the affordable-car class. The simple interface, ease of use, clear graphics and sound quality all add up to one impressive system, allowing the Corolla to make its way out of the Stone Age and enter the 21st century.


Despite all the upgrades to style, material quality and features, the Corolla is still a Toyota – which is a good thing. With a base MSRP of $15,995 and a road-life longer than most other vehicles can claim, this sedan has successfully kept all the features that made it lovable in the first place, while adding just enough to appeal to the modern car buyer.

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