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FIAT Tackles Internet Memes in Newest and Craziest Ads Yet

Get ready for a host of silly slogans and weird imagery as FIAT unleashes its wildly creative ad campaign based on some of the most famous Internet memes around. “Deal with it” phrase? Check. Cute kitties? Check. Crazy horse heads? Check. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

These commercials have initially existed only in the form of animated GIFs, produced by The Richards Group for FIAT’s Tumblr page. However, according to Adweek, Chrysler’s Chief Marketing Officer has liked them so much that he had them turned into actual videos. What’s peculiar about the ads (aside from all the whacky content) is that they won’t just appear on YouTube, but on television as well. Given how bizarre they are, it seems like Chrysler has made a very brave move here.

According to the ads, the little FIAT 500’s, 500L’s, and 500c’s can do just about anything. The 500c’s, for instance, can utilize their open roof to eject spacemen, rainbow-charged horse heads, bears and even giant bananas, while the 500L’s can apparently function as a moving DJ station. All the 500’s also seem to come with plenty of horses, which tend to just jump out of their engines. And in case, anyone needs to deflect robot lasers, the 500Es can seemingly do so at a moment’s notice.

Regardless of what your opinion is on FIAT as a brand, these decidedly strange commercials are definitely worth a look. So, scroll down and check them out. Also be sure to leave a comment with your opinion on this craziness at the bottom!

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