Unhaggle | How to Gain Confidence and Become Better at Everything (Including Haggling)

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Whether you’re haggling over the price of that new Ford Escape, or making a huge presentation at work, confidence is key to your success. For those that are naturally confident, work and life can be a breeze, but for the rest of the world getting ahead isn’t as easy. Learn how to gain confidence from just a few simple tips, and watch, as the world becomes your oyster.

Get Prepared

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If you go into a situation with your research and prep work already done it leaves you ready for anything! So, if you’re thinking of going to negotiate a higher salary and your confidence is a little shaky, read up on all relevant info – you’ll rule that meeting like a BOSS.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail


Look, even confident people fail sometimes, that’s life. But if you can take the moments where you’ve screwed up and actually learn from those mistakes, you’ll be ready the next time you’re faced with a similar situation. And if we take into consideration the first point in this list, learning from the failure will help with your overall preparation.

Accept Praise (and let yourself love it)


It could be applause, a pat on the back, or even a company shout out, but however you’re praised it’s important that you learn to accept it. And let yourself enjoy it, just a little bit! A job well done is something to be proud of and if you can do it once, that means you’re capable of doing it again.

Don’t Knock Superstitions


Experts say that starting a ritual can actually be super helpful when looking for your much needed confidence! Maybe that ritual involves a personal pep talk, a silly dance or a minute of silence – whatever it is, if it makes you feel invisible before your big moment then embrace it. Don’t know about the ritual thing? Hold onto a rabbit’s foot instead! Many claim that lucky charms (read: not the cereal, but hey, do what feels right) also have the power to help some people find their most confident self.

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