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New Nissan Rogue is Bigger and Smarter Than Ever

The 2014 Nissan Rogue opens the door to a world filled with possibilities thanks to its improved design, tons of space and fantastic fuel economy. We can’t wait to see what the future models hold in store for us.

Nissan has launched a completely redesign-second generation Rogue for 2014. This midsize crossover SUV is bigger, smarter and offers everyday luxuries at an affordable price. The timing for the new Rogue release could not have been any better as the compact crossover segment continues to grow in Canada. The Rogue has been a bestseller for Nissan since its introduction in 2008 and there should be no change on the horizon for the second generation. While the crossover does have some issues, the pros of this car heavily outweigh the cons.

Bigger and Smarter Exterior Design

The new 2014 Rogue loses a few inches in length, but adds to the height and width of its body. The second generation of the Rogue, for the most part, keeps its exterior design cues the same, which is a good thing. The curvy, round-edged body is a unique alternative to the more angular and hard-edged bodies of the competition in this segment, such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV-4 and Mazda CX-7. Nissan even stepped up the design game by adding more chrome details to the signature bumper and LED lights into the running lights and turn signals. The Rogue is available in three trim levels: the S, SV and SL, which won’t necessarily change the look of the vehicle drastically, but will differ in standard features. The Nissan Rogue is a design trend-setter and that does not change for the interior.

Everyday Luxury and Additional Space in the Cabin

The 2014 Nissan Rogue offers what most compact crossovers cannot and do not — everyday luxury and added space. The interior of the Rogue is built with nice materials that have a good finish. The dash has a very nice layout that is pleasing to look at and relatively easy to use. The cabin is well sealed off from road noise, leaving most of the noise to come from your kids, which you can fit a lot of in this car. New for the 2014 model is an optional third-row bench that can seat three more children, if necessary. The second row split-folding bench features slide-and-recline functions that make it more comfortable and functional. The front seats come with the NASA-inspired “zero gravity” design, which provides exceptional comfort. The additional third-row bench does present a few issues, however. Small back windows may have kids complaining about their inability to see out, and previously massive cargo space got almost cut in half. The interior design of this cabin is well-built and functional, and exceeds pretty much every need in a compact SUV.

Better Fuel Economy

Not only did the 2014 Rogue get a design upgrade and larger body, but it now also has better fuel economy. The Rogue is equipped with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine, which produces 170 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. This engine is the same as that in the previous model, but the introduction of a standard Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), is what gives the Rogue its superior mileage. A CVT can change seamlessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios to maximize fuel economy. The Rogue comes standard with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is optional on all trims. The Rogue carries a combined fuel economy rating of 8.4 litres per 100 kilometers in both configurations.

The Rogue’s power is about what you’d expect from a compact family SUV. It won’t plant you in your seat upon acceleration, but it will move you to where you need to go. The suspension is cushy and the road noise is minimal. This compact drives more like a midsize SUV, and hits the sweet spot for most potential needs a buyer can have as far as power and capability go.

Overall, the 2014 Nissan Rogue definitely hit its mark for the second generation release. Timing was perfect, design impressive, features plentiful and fuel economy unmatched. While the Rogue still has some minor issues overall, this compact SUV should not be ignored.

To find more details on all the specs and features of this vehicle, check out this page and be sure to read our full review.

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