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What Each Car Colour Says About You

“What’s your favourite car colour?”

Automakers have spent millions of dollars trying to answer this question because, despite what you may think, colour is an important part of the car buying process.

What’s more, you have a colour preference that is greatly associated with your personality. Research shows that colours don’t just influence our feelings, but the kind of products we buy. Yellow gives us a burst of optimism. Blue is trusted and dependable. Green is vibrant and healthy. Follow this guide to learn more about car colours and what they say about you:



While white symbolizes youth and innocence, it also conveys a strong sense of confidence and fearlessness. People who drive white cars tend to be seen as brave because this colour doesn’t hide anything. Dirt, scratches and other imperfections will all rear their ugly heads if you are not careful.

White was not always a popular colour choice for cars. It was once seen as high-maintenance and boring. The attitude has changed and now white cars are everywhere. What was once considered high-maintenance is now the reason to stay clean and attractive.

White-car owners also tend to have a mature outlook on life. So, if you find yourself growing more and more attracted to the colour, then you may be transitioning into adulthood. Gone are the wild days, you have accepted yourself for who you are and you are now ready to settle down.



Sophisticated and decisive – two common words used to describe black. Take a look around and spot the black vehicles in your neighbourhood. They tend to be associated with manufacturers that exhibit opulence. For instance, one of the most popular colours for the BMW 4 Series is black sapphire, and we can see why – it displays overt authority without coming off as arrogant or flashy.

In fashion, black is revered as being the slimming option, but for cars, it’s the hotter choice, literarily. Admittedly, different cultures have different associations with black. Some hate it, while others love it. But, if you are all about class and sophistication, then black is your colour.



The overtly masculine colour, blue is growing in popularity among car buyers of both genders. As stability and safety become ever more important, blue offers a sense of calm. It’s scientifically proven that blue is capable of lowering blood pressure and pulse rate, while increasing productivity.

Blue has been the go-to colour for professional branding for many years. Don’t believe me? Stroll around the mall or search up some websites and count all the blue logos, icons, homepages and storefronts – you will be astonished.

The colour blue is perfect for drivers who are introverts. It’s inoffensive, respectful and harmonizing, but it still has the ability to brighten the gray shade of traffic.



A car is all about getting you places, and red is the colour of active, cheerful and positive living. Ever wonder why the stop sign is red? It’s because red catches our attention and holds on to it. Red refuses to be ignored and those in red cars have that sentiment for other people around them. It’s a colour designed for the extroverted driver.

Those who drive red cars are unlikely to chain themselves to daily commutes or weekend grocery shopping trips; routine is just not their thing. They are the untamed ones – those who head out for impulsive weekend road trips or race around the track when their heart calls for it. That’s why sport cars are often offered in red. They are meant for people who live dangerously.



Silver and gray are the third and fourth most popular car colours in America. The neutral shades function well with many brands and styles and appeal to those who simply don’t have a colour preference, which in a way is a colour preference. Silver and gray are two colours that aren’t flashy. Instead they work best as backdrops, putting the attention on the driver instead of the car.

Though the two colours have a lot of similarities, but there are also notable differences. Silver cars gleam with prestige, while gray cars exhibit respectability. The former is often deemed as a status symbol, while the latter is more of a fallback option. However, both are charming and popular choices. Drivers that veer toward silver or gray are often recognized for their practicality and appreciation for classics.



Yellow is the colour of sunshine, smiley faces and taxi cabs. While it remains to be an unpopular colour for cars in the North American market due to its boldness, the market in China has embraced yellow excitedly as a display of self-confidence.

The vibrant colour is associated with high expectations and big plans, which is a healthy way to view one’s potential. Overall, yellow might not be the colour for everyone, but for the younger generation – drivers in their 20s – yellow has become the colour of promise.



The heyday of green-coloured vehicles took place in the 90s. But with the environment being a hot topic on everyone’s mind, green remains to be a relevant colour. However, automotive showrooms will tell you that manufacturers aren’t too excited about producing green-coloured vehicles anymore.

Green is often associated with politeness, friendliness and sincerity. Those who choose green cars aren’t the fashion-conscious types that keep up with every trend, but rather the calm and tranquil type that embraces the moment. Car buyers who choose to purchase a green car are also less inclined to shop their vehicle around, since green cars do not offer enough “green” when it comes to resale value.



The bright flamboyant colour is a burst of energy and a “head-turner” on the road. It’s hard to see those who drive an orange car as anything but fun-loving and cheerful. Like a ray of sun, orange is commonly associated with positivity and optimism. Still, orange is one of the least popular car colours around.

The reason is perhaps the fact that orange is often viewed as an attention-seeking and impulsive choice. However, if you choose an orange car, then you are likely making a very mindful decision to be different. After all, it does not allow you to fly under the radar – it puts you out there for both praise and ridicule.



Beige, brown and other earth-tone colours are practical, unassuming and no-nonsense choices for those who deem themselves responsible and approachable. Car owners who drive beige and brown cars are deep thinkers with simple, traditional values. If you are a penny-pincher who believes style is irrelevant, odds are you may find beige and brown to be appealing choices. Rarely is an earth-tone colour is seen as a lavish choice.

Those who choose beige and brown cars are willing to commit to their colour long-term. They have many things to do and many places to go, so as long as the vehicle is reliable, they will be satisfied with it.

You can check out various car colours with our free dealer cost report, but keep in mind that manufacturers charge extra for certain colours.

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