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Lambo fans rejoice!

The Urus SUV that debuted as a concept back in 2012 at the Beijing Auto Show is finally becoming a reality, with a production model slated for 2018. Featuring similar platform architecture to that of the Bentley Bentayga and the Volkswagen Touareg as well as the possibility of a V10 engine developed with Audi, and carbon fiber materials to reduce weight, this luxury SUV is bound to shake things up!

First Lambo SUV Since the 80s

The first four-door SUV released by the Italian auto brand since their LM002 4X4, Urus has been a highly anticipated product for years. It achieved rave reviews in Beijing for its killer design, light body weight (220 pounds less than its competitors) and 600-horsepower engine – and left many wondering when consumers would get their chance to purchase it.

Finally, the answer has arrived.

Massive Factory Expansion

While there hasn’t been any official word on whether the vehicle is keeping the original name and all details on specs are seemingly based off the 2012 auto show concept, Lamborghini did confirm that the new models would be produced in Italy. They’ll get $87 million in tax breaks from the government in exchange for their factory and team expansion.

An investment in 500 new employees and 150,000 sq.m of factory space seems a small price to pay in the long run though, as the brand estimates they’ll move 3,000 vehicles per year, which easily doubles their annual sales figures. DOUBLES.

It’s a Game Changer

And since they’ve focused efforts on conventional performance rather than off-roading capabilities (at least that was the deal back in Beijing), Urus will undoubtedly look to give other players in the luxury SUV arena like the Land Rover Range Rover and BMW X5, a real run for their money.

Of course, you’ll have to have a lot of the stuff in order to purchase one of these bad boys for yourself – in true Lambo fashion, the Urus comes with a $200,000 price tag.

But that’s no worry for CEO Stephan Winkelmann, who sees potential customers coming in the form of super fans that have been waiting ages for their favourite brand to offer an SUV model. Foreign buyers are also likely to go crazy for the Urus, with Lamborghini viewing China, the Middle East, the UK, Germany and the USA as key markets.

So, what do you think? Are you excited about Lamborghini’s latest SUV announcement?

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