Everything You Need to Know About Car Tires

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Tires

There is a wide range of car tires out in the market that drivers often don’t even know about. Depending on the driver’s lifestyle, road conditions and weather, car tires can change the whole driving experience. Performance tires can give you more control; off-road tires can offer more confidence on rough terrains; and low profile tires look sleek and handle better. Read More

Are Talking Cars a Bad Idea?

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Are Talking Cars a Good Idea?

Talking cars have been portrayed in media for generations, but now this fantasy is closer to reality than ever. Of course, I’m not talking about KITT from Knight Rider or Herby the Love Bug (be sure to view our list of top movie cars for more goodies). What I’m referring to is an innovative vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology that enables cars on the road to communicate with one another. Read More

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