How to Choose High-Quality Car Upholstery and Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

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How to Choose High-Quality Car Upholstery and Avoid Repairs

Seats are an important if slightly neglected aspect of every vehicle. It’s the part that makes drivers and their passengers feel comfortable, while carrying them to all the places they want to visit. Car engines accomplish the carrying part, but they certainly don’t make you feel cozy. As is the case with chairs and couches, the material covering your seats wears down, which means that eventually you have to change it. However, unlike furniture, you can’t push a car seat to the side of a room; you have to fix it. Read More

How to Buy a New Car With Very Little Money

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Can’t Afford a New Car? Here’s How to Change That

New cars cost money, which means that not everyone can afford one, as unfortunate as that may sound. Yet many Canadians who cannot afford a car still go right ahead and buy one anyway. How is such a thing possible? Two reasons – loans and impulse shopping. According to a recent survey for Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, 35 per cent of Canadians said that their largest source of consumer debt was buying on impulse. Meanwhile, the average length of a car loan in the country has reached 72 months. If that’s not enough, some dealers offer loans lasting for as long as 96 months, which plays directly into our terrible impulse-buying habits. Read More

How to Choose the Right Car Engine Without Overspending

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How to Choose the Right Car Engine

The car engine is the heart of your vehicle. It seems to be the element car-lovers are most passionate about. You often hear gear heads brag about the incredible new engine they’ve installed. They speak so enthusiastically that you’re inspired to upgrade your engine as well. But hold up! Before you go about swapping your inline four for a straight-six, you better be sure that the new engine would actually suit your vehicle and lifestyle. Read More

Unhaggle is Hiring! Full-Time Customer Experience Manager

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Customer Experience Manager

Full-Time, Immediate Start

Do you love helping people solve problems? Do you always strive to go above and beyond what is expected? Then Unhaggle wants to talk to you.

Unhaggle is on a mission to revolutionize the way people buy new cars. If you love cars too, that is a plus but not a requirement! Our success is first and foremost built on a relentless passion for phenomenal customer satisfaction. We’re looking for team members that can embody this passion every day.

Since 2011, we’ve made buying a new car easier, faster and more transparent for car buyers and dealers alike with our innovations. Today, our new car buying tools and pricing data help power some of the biggest automotive sites in Canada including Kijiji Autos, Yahoo Autos,,, and our very own

Here’s a great profile on Unhaggle in the Globe and Mail. Read More

Why is Buying a Car Such a Huge Ordeal?

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Why is Buying a Car Such a Huge Ordeal for Canadians?

Many car shoppers would agree that buying a car can be a hard, frustrating and nerve-wracking experience. In fact, according to a recent survey, 46 per cent of Americans would rather clean a toilet than head over to a dealership. Shopping in general can be a chore, but for some reason car shopping specifically gets singled out as one of the worst experiences ever. The question is – why? Why cars? After all, we don’t have difficulties buying other expensive items, such as furniture, fixtures and electronics. So, why do we hate car shopping then? Well, let’s take a look at some potential reasons: Read More

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