Driverless Cars Crash 11 Times: Why You Should Worry

Driverless Cars Crash 11 Times: Why You Should Worry

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From cars that run on electricity to fully functioning self-driving vehicles, the auto industry has seen some exciting technological developments over the past decade. But as is the case with any new tech, testing and time determine all, and with Google recently revealing that their driverless cars have been in 11 accidents over the last six years, questions and concerns are growing louder. Read More


Automatic vs. Manual Car Transmission: Why the Choice Exists

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Believe it or not, the choice you make in a car transmission says a lot about who you are as a driver. Those that like a little more excitement behind the wheel often opt for a stick-shift vehicle while newer generations of drivers almost always go for an easy automatic ride, as we pointed out in our guide to configuring a vehicle. But in order to figure out if one transmission is actually better than the other, it’s important to understand why both still exist in the first place! Read More


Why You Should Celebrate Ontario’s New Car Insurance Discount Program

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On April 23, 2015, the Liberal government announced that they’ll be making a bid to lower car insurance for Ontario car owners. The plan is to offer discounts to motorists who have installed snow tires during the winter months and to stop price hikes for drivers who were involved in minor, at-fault accidents. Moreover, the maximum monthly interest rate for auto insurance premium payments will be lowered from 3 to 1.3 per cent. Read More

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