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new vehicle paperwork

How to Navigate Your Way Through New Vehicle Paperwork

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One of the most overlooked yet important steps in the car buying process is the paperwork that follows the agreement to buy the car. So, even if you have already successfully negotiated your ideal price with the dealer and figured out your monthly payments, you are not on the clear just yet.

Once the deal is reached, you need to arrange financing, sign sales contracts and register the car. This may sound simple, but the process often takes hours. This is also when the dealer will try to sell you extra features, most of which we explain in this article. So, before you head over to the dealer to settle everything, make sure you are prepared. Read More

8 biggest myths car dealers

8 of the Biggest Myths about Car Dealers

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A common misconception among car buyers is that dealers are out to make a quick buck on them. The truth, however, is that most dealers just want to sell a car and satisfy their customers. The last thing on any salesperson’s agenda is to accumulate a list of returns, complaints and negative reviews.

While we won’t go into details as to why car dealers are vilified, we’ve put together a list of the most common misconceptions about them:

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Why Dealer Margins are So Ridiculously Thin

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Cars are expensive, which is why many of us are aggressively looking for all kinds of discounts – whether they are provided by manufacturers or dealerships themselves. Sometimes customers ask for a discount that a dealer cannot afford, prompting a quick rejection. The reason why they ask for so much off the retail price is because they often have no idea how much money exactly dealers make from the sale of a single car. We might think that since we’re dropping so much of our own money on a vehicle, the dealer gets a huge cut, but that’s not the case. Read More

How to Tell If You Can Afford a New Car: 5 Key Factors

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Figuring out what you can afford isn’t as easy as looking at your bank account balance. Fortunately, calculating your finances is made simpler with help ranging from advice blogs and online tools. Jessica Moorhouse, owner of Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, personal finance expert, blogger and podcaster, sat down with us to discuss the different factors that affect the affordability of a new car. Here they go: Read More

7 Great Deals on Top-Selling SUVs in Canada

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The SUV is the fastest-growing segment in the country, and many would argue that it’s the future of family mobility. Gone are the days of the soccer-mom minivans, with family sedans slowly following suit. Families these days are not only searching for vehicles that are safe, comfortable and spacious, but stylish as well, and the SUV delivers all those in spades. If you are looking to purchase your next family car, take a look at these seven great deals on the top-selling SUVs in Canada. Read More

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