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Why We All Have a Love Affair with Sports Cars

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For most people, having your own wheels means freedom and the convenience to go anywhere. But for car enthusiasts, reaching a destination isn’t the point of car ownership, and trying to narrow down the particular quality that drives sports car lovers to their machines is not an easy task. Chief auto reviewer for The Toronto Star, Jim Kenzie (at, sat down with us to let us know what that je ne sais quoi is when it comes to sports cars. Read More

Effects of Larger Wheels and Tires: Why Size Really Does Matter

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Is bigger always better? Well, when it comes to car wheels and tires, some drivers certainly seem to think so! Switching out factory sets for larger sizes has become a popular auto trend over the last few years, and the claims that it’s all about style over substance have got it totally wrong. Industry experts have done their fair share of testing, and the results prove that big wheels offer practical benefits on the road too! Read More

9 Craziest Car Accidents Ever Caught on Tape

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Car accidents happen all the time. Sometimes they are little fender benders, sometimes they have more tragic results. While, as drivers, we do all we can to avoid car accidents, many of us also find them to be exciting – as awful as that may sound. After all, there is a reason action movies are jam-packed with car chases and special effects. We can’t seem to ignore them when they happen. Read More

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