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6 Iconic Muscle Cars and Their Modern Successors

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Comparing classic muscle cars to their contemporary counterparts definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia for what has passed: automotive design as a work of art. Things like bench seats and gull-wing doors were once considered beautiful facets of older cars. But with newer cars like the Ford Flex and BMW i3, it’s easy to see that what was once an avenue for creative work has now been overrun in favour of utility and technology. Read More

13 Silly Misconceptions About Modern Cars

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Modern cars tend to take a lot of heat when it comes to the old vs. new vehicle argument, especially from the mouths of classic car enthusiasts. But how do you get to the truth when you’re not a car expert? We’ll separate fact from fiction for you with 13 of the silliest misconceptions about modern cars. Take notes – and be sure to check out our list of 11 auto industry myths when you’re done! Read More

9 Craziest Car Accidents Ever Caught on Tape

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Car accidents happen all the time. Sometimes they are little fender benders, sometimes they have more tragic results. While, as drivers, we do all we can to avoid car accidents, many of us also find them to be exciting – as awful as that may sound. After all, there is a reason action movies are jam-packed with car chases and special effects. We can’t seem to ignore them when they happen. Read More

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