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Does Car Size Actually Matter When It Comes to Safety?

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It’s no secret that North Americans, including Canadians, prefer large vehicles, like SUVs and pickups, to smaller ones, like compact sedans or minis. Our analytics data seems to confirm this since Honda CR-V, Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander are some of the most searched new vehicles on Unhaggle.com. Many argue that one of the key reasons for the popularity of big vehicles is that they are safer, but we wonder if that’s actually true. Read More

How to Cancel an Extended Warranty on Your Car

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Regular warranties provided by auto manufacturers only offer a limited coverage that varies depending on the vehicle and the time limit. Extended warranties are attractive because they offer vehicles greater variety and prolonged coverage. A car owner with extended warranty will not have to pay for unexpected repairs. It’s also simple to get. Car buyers don’t even need to handle the paperwork; the dealership does it all for them. Read More

Automatic vs. Manual Car Transmission: Why the Choice Exists

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Believe it or not, the choice you make in a car transmission says a lot about who you are as a driver. Those that like a little more excitement behind the wheel often opt for a stick-shift vehicle while newer generations of drivers almost always go for an easy automatic ride, as we pointed out in our guide to configuring a vehicle. But in order to figure out if one transmission is actually better than the other, it’s important to understand why both still exist in the first place! Read More

SUV vs. Crossover: What’s the Actual Difference?

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SUV vs. Crossover: What's the Actual Difference?

To the untrained eye SUVs and crossovers (also known as CUVs) don’t have too many differences. They are both considerable family vehicles with ample room for passengers and cargo. But due to recent negative association with the term “SUV,” manufacturers have started establishing a form separation between the two. CUVs – like the Honda CR-V – are now marketed as having the practical attributes of an SUV, but with car-like drivability and fuel efficiency. Read More

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