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4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch That Old Clunker

That old clunker sitting in your driveway might have once been your pride and joy, but now it has depreciated to the point where it only has sentimental value. Sure, the memories are priceless, but you know that deep down, buying a new car is a much more feasible and enjoyable prospect.

Like most consumer products, cars are built to fall apart over time. It doesn’t matter what the make or model is – unless your are consistently maintaining it like you would a vintage collector’s car – owning an old clunker and expecting it to function with the same showroom pristine after five, 10 or 20 years is simply unrealistic.

It takes up space, becomes a habitat for critters and pests and cheapens your image and life. It’s time to admit it: that old clunker has got to go.

4. Old clunkers look and feel bad

 Old clunkers look and feel bad

A rusty exterior, ripped upholstery, malfunctioning air conditioner, etc. When the “new car” smell is long gone and vehicle degradation has taken its course, the old clunker is not the most inviting confined space on the road. While some people find antiquities intriguing and nostalgic, many would still throw away old microwaves and toaster ovens. Bookshelves and armoires may last hundreds of years, but decrepit cars don’t and they shouldn’t be used as storage space either. The reason your vehicle is in such a state is because it had been neglected for so many years, so if you truly care about it and yourself, set it free. Odds are, you’ll probably become a better person without that rust bucket dragging you behind anyway.

3. Old clunkers are dangerous and unreliable

Old clunkers are dangerous and unreliable

Anti-braking systems, safety sensors, electronic stability control and many other technological enhancements have become standard safety features in today’s vehicles. For old clunkers, you’d be lucky if you have seatbelts. Even if your car does have safety features, the power of time and the wear-and-tear element may cause deterioration – if not properly maintained – rendering the protection useless or even harmful.

Old clunkers are not the most reliable either. Believe me when I say that missing an appointment and waiting for roadside assistance due to a dead battery, engine trouble or a broken transmission is not fun. Avoid all of that, dump your clunker and consider getting a modest alternative, like a Toyota Camry. It’s really not that more expensive, and it’ll save you a lot of time.

2. Old clunkers cost more

Old clunkers cost more

Cars are expensive, but keeping your old clunker may be costing you more than buying a new(er) car. If you are planning to maintain your old car, take into consideration that older vehicles tend to need additional maintenance and have a higher insurance fee. After the 10-year mark, various parts of the vehicle will require repairs or replacements, and that is no simple or cheap task. Also to prevent parts of the old clunker from rusting up or getting jammed, the vehicle needs to be consistently driven. And clunkers are not revered for being economical either. Newer vehicles simply have better fuel mileage, so do the math: does regular maintenance plus frequent usage plus higher gas consumption equal the same as a newer vehicle? Probably not.

1. Old clunkers are not environmentally friendly

Old clunkers are not environmentally friendly

Over the past decade or so, green initiatives have changed the automotive industry and the psyche of most drivers. Manufactures are now focused on building vehicles that are fuel-efficient with low CO2 emissions. However, old clunkers often run on the environmental standards of yesteryears. Not only do old clunkers guzzle more gas, they also tend to lose fuel due to leakage and evaporations. Older vehicles simply aren’t built with the same green sensitive priorities and have been proven to be harmful.

Not only are old clunkers an expensive stain on the road, they are also damaging to the environment and unsafe to the people driving them. Sure, having the old clunker around might be an attention-grabbing token of the “good ol’ days” and losing it might make you feel a bit homesick, but you know what will make you feel sicker? Paying the extra fees and risking your life every time you hit the road.

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