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This is Why BMW 3-Series is Canada’s Favourite Luxury Car

The 2015 BMW 3-Series is just around the corner, which is why it’s time for us to examine why many Canadians love this luxury car so much.

The BMW 3-Series is the top-selling luxury car in Canada and it has been that way for some time now. So, what makes this lineup the undeniable best-selling luxury car across Canada? Well, there are several reasons, so let’s explore!

Configuration Options are Endless

Firstly, the 3-Series lineup is packed with a number of model variations. Despite losing the coupes and convertibles to the 4-Series, the 3-Series still has the sedans, wagons and, on the newer side, the Gran Turismo hatchback. Not only are there different body types, but there are different models too, such as the 320i, 328i, 328d and 335i.

What do any of these mean? The numbers designate different engine choices, while the letters represent your fuel options – with “i” standing for gasoline (more or less) and “d” for diesel. There is also a dedicated hybrid model known as the ActiveHybrid3.

So, you’ve chosen your engine, which comes standard with rear-wheel drive, but you want to add some extra traction? No problem; most models have the option for BMW’s xDrive system, which is the unique all-wheel-drive system. If this isn’t enough for you to choose from, why not add a few different options packages, such as the Sport or M Sport? No matter which configuration you choose, there usually is something for everyone.

Great Value

The BMW 3-Series also offers Canadians great value for their purchase. Given all that BMW offers in regards to its German engineering reputation, what you get for what you give for a 3-Series model is more than reasonable. The BMW 3-Series pricing starts at about $35,000 – for the entry-level model – while the comparable Mercedes-Benz C-Class starts at closer to $40,000. Don’t get me wrong: the base C-Class is most likely choke-full of extras to make up for the price, but even without that, the 3-Series vehicle is already a comfortable vehicle – especially for those entering the luxury car market.

There is a 3-Series for Everyone

With the range of configurations and relatively affordable pricing, the 3-Series can actually accommodate most people entering the luxury-car market. Between the different models that buyers can choose from and varying price ranges, there really is a 3-Series for everyone. Whether you have two kids, three kids, one kid, no kids, a dog, two dogs, skis, luggage or whatever, the 3-Series will have something to offer. The 3-Series even accommodates the buyer looking to minimize their carbon footprint. The 335i sedan, for instance, has a turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission, a rear-drive electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.

A Historically Good Reputation

Perhaps the most important part of buying a luxury vehicle for anyone is the knowledge that it has a long-standing history of great products. The BMW 3-Series has literally been on the market since 1975, and there is a lot of judgment to be done over those years. BMW has updated, refreshed and refined this vehicle, which is now in its sixth generation, to ensure not only that the car stays relevant, but also that it meets the high standards that consumers have come to expect from the brand. The 3-Series has won several awards and made plenty of top-10 lists over the years, which is a reassuring nod to the hefty purchase that you are considering.

In the End, Versatility Rules the Day

Considering this lineup’s versatility, value, configuration options and history, there really is no wonder why Canadians have shown, and continue to show, their love for the 3-Series. It just about hits the mark on everything that a car buyer would be looking for, with a BMW badge to go with it.

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