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Biggest Incentives on New Cars This November

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With the end of the year rapidly approaching, auto makers and dealers have been working hard to clear all the remaining 2015 year models (and even some 2014 models) from the lot in order to make way for newer ones. As a result, consumers are treated to fantastic clearout deals on all new cars. With skyrocketing savings on the horizon, the 2015 models have begun to vanish from the lots very quickly, with most models already sold out. Read More

How to Tell If You Can Afford a New Car: 5 Key Factors

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Figuring out what you can afford isn’t as easy as looking at your bank account balance. Fortunately, calculating your finances is made simpler with help ranging from advice blogs and online tools. Jessica Moorhouse, owner of Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, personal finance expert, blogger and podcaster, sat down with us to discuss the different factors that affect the affordability of a new car. Here they go: Read More

7 Great Deals on Top-Selling SUVs in Canada

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The SUV is the fastest-growing segment in the country, and many would argue that it’s the future of family mobility. Gone are the days of the soccer-mom minivans, with family sedans slowly following suit. Families these days are not only searching for vehicles that are safe, comfortable and spacious, but stylish as well, and the SUV delivers all those in spades. If you are looking to purchase your next family car, take a look at these seven great deals on the top-selling SUVs in Canada. Read More

How to Find a Car That Will Not Drain Your Finances

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Buying a car can be a huge strain on your finances, especially when you’re in your 20s. At this age, you’re just starting a brand new chapter in your life, complete with beginning a new career, living on your own and dealing with the added stress of paying back student loans. Bridget Casey, a finance expert, blogger and owner of Money After Graduation, sat down with us to share some tips on how you can find a car that will not drain your finances. Read More

5 Rules Every Car Buyer Should Know When Hunting for Deals

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Car buyers have a minefield to navigate the moment they decide they need a set of wheels. It’s tough to get a deal on a car, but with manufacturer incentives, rate reductions and dealer discounts you might have an easier time than you think. Finance expert and owner of MillionDollarJourney, FrugalTrader (that’s his internet handle as he prefers to stay anonymous), discusses five best ways for any potential car buyer to get a great deal. Here they go: Read More

How to Avoid Overspending on Car Ownership

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Buying a new car is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever have to make in your life. Owning a car is an ongoing responsibility and there are a lot of figures you should take into account before purchasing a new car, such as loan amounts, monthly payments and estimated cost of ownership. Kyle Prevost, a personal finance expert and blogger at Young and Thrifty, sat down with us to share some tips on how to avoid overspending on car ownership. Read More

Buying a Car in Your 20s: How to Budget and Meet Your Needs

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A car shouldn’t be an impulse buy at the cash register – especially if you are in your 20s, and it’s your first time. It can be overwhelming to add a set of wheels to the challenges of starting a career, making a home and building relationships. We’ve interviewed personal finance expert and blogger at Money We Have Barry Choi about whether or not buying a car is a worthwhile idea. Read More

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