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Thousands in savings on new car prices available to savvy car shoppers; no need to wait until model year-end for big discounts

Toronto, Ontario – March 27, 2012 – Unhaggle has identified the best new car prices in Canada in 2012 based on actual transaction data collected from its national online new car marketplace that allows car buyers to comparison shop local inventory and real pricing without negotiating with salesmen.

“Aggressive manufacturer incentives and dealer discounts have driven double-digit new vehicle sales growth so far this year as compared to 2011,” says Unhaggle co-founder Radek Garbowski. “The key is for consumers to be knowledgeable on how much negotiating room there is and what incentives they are eligible for to maximize savings.  Buyers don’t need to wait until the end of the year to find great deals.”

Based on Unhaggle Marketplace data from the last month, buyers of the 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan experienced the biggest discounts with savings of up to $9,000 depending on trim, which represents over 30% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).  Big savings were also seen in the Unhaggle Marketplace for import brands, with savings of over $3,000 off the MSRP for both the 2012 Honda Odyssey and 2012 Toyota Sienna.

Top five vehicles with the biggest discounts in the Unhaggle Marketplace in 2012:

1)  Dodge Grand Caravan $8,865 discount (31.5% off MSRP)

2)    Ford Edge $7400 discount (16.1% off MSRP)

3)    Hyundai Santa Fe $4,950 discount (16.0% off MSRP)

4)    Kia Sorento $4,200 discount (12.2% off MSRP)

5)    Honda Odyssey $3,765 discount (11.9% off MSRP)

Discounts shown are based on cash deals and include manufacturer rebates and other available incentives.  These are historical figures and future prices in the Unhaggle Marketplace may vary depending on trim and vehicle availability.

Once consumers have identified their desired car, Unhaggle provides car shoppers with free access to dealer invoice price reports, which show the dealer’s wholesale cost for a vehicle and serves as a reference point for negotiations.  For consumers that want a “haggle-free” experience, the Unhaggle Marketplace allows buyers to comparison shop the best prices anonymously by getting local dealers to compete online with their best offers on matching or similar inventory.  Discover more car buying tips on the Unhaggle Blog.

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Unhaggle, as seen on CBC News, Global News, The Globe and Mail and other leading national media outlets, is Canada’s largest live online new car marketplace.  In the Unhaggle marketplace, car buyers can stay anonymous, get great market prices on local inventory, and skip the hassles of negotiating by getting dealers to compete online. Go to to learn more.


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Radek is a co-founder at Unhaggle.

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