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Well educated car buyers can save as much as expert negotiators with the right online resources

Toronto, Ontario – June 5, 2012 – Unhaggle, Canada’s largest online new car marketplace, recently conducted a nationwide survey evaluating Canadians’ car buying behaviours. The survey looked at what influences their purchase decisions and how they have traditionally gone about purchasing their vehicle.

Women are the primary decision makers for 75% of households when it comes to selecting the make, model and colour of the vehicle. However, when it is necessary to visit the dealership and talk numbers, 69% of women had a man accompany them to help with negotiations.  Could this mean that men are better negotiators than women? According to Linda Babcock, economist and author of Women Don’t Ask, women on average pay $1,353 more than men in order to avoid negotiating the price of their car. Most men liken negotiating to “winning a game” while women equate it to “going to the dentist”.

“Unhaggle’s new car marketplace levels the playing field for all buyers,” says Unhaggle co-founder Radek Garbowski. “Car buyers, including women, no longer have to be good negotiators in order to get the best deal.”

Unhaggle provides Canadians with an easier way to buy their new car. For consumers who want a “haggle-free” experience, the Unhaggle marketplace allows buyers to comparison shop the best prices anonymously by getting local dealers to compete online with their best offers on matching or similar inventory. Car shoppers can also obtain free dealer invoice price reports, which show the dealer’s wholesale cost for a vehicle and serves as a reference point for negotiations.

Jill Merry, a recent Unhaggle customer who purchased a Volkswagen SUV said, “I have just used Unhaggle and ordered my new car. It was so easy and it saved my Dad from having to go in and do the negotiating for me. I have hated buying cars in the past because of the ridiculous negotiation tactics.”

There are many customers that feel the same way.  If customers are not well educated about the car buying process they can be left paying more than they should. Discover more car buying tips on the Unhaggle Blog at www.unhaggle.com.

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Unhaggle, as seen on CBC News, Global News, The Globe and Mail and other leading national media outlets, is Canada’s largest live online new car marketplace.  In the Unhaggle marketplace, car buyers can stay anonymous, get great market prices on local inventory, and skip the hassles of negotiating by getting dealers to compete online. Go to www.unhaggle.com to learn more.


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Radek is a co-founder at Unhaggle.

  • Nancy

    This is 100% true, Im a women and I’ve used Unhaggle.com to get my last couple cars mainly because I hate going to car dealers and hate having to negotiate. The last time I did that I got trapped by the dealer and couldn’t leave, i got less money for my trade as well. Ugh! Next time i will use Sellmycar.ca to sell my old car.

    I’ve gone in both times with a pretty clear idea of what car I wanted, I just needed them to find it for me and negotiate the price. I felt like I got a good deal so I’ll probably go back next time.

    Overall, a pretty good experience. I’d recommend to friends!

    Nancy Regards
    Richmond Hill

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