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Volvo is set to introduce new road-sensing safety features, such as automatic braking and run-off road protection, next year.

Volvo plans to reveal its new road-sensing safety features, including automatic braking and run-off road protection, which are set to hit the market next year.

The Swedish auto has described these safety features as “world-first” and plans to showcase them within the new XC90 luxury SUV, which will be revealed next month.

The run-off road protection aims to protect the drowsy driver. As the driver doses off and accidentally swerves to the side of the road, the seatbelt will tighten and extra torque will be applied to the steering wheel, which should pull the vehicle back on track.

The auto-braking system is designed to protect a driver in the event they mistakenly drive toward an oncoming vehicle. The onboard radar and a tiny camera will prompt the brakes to kick in automatically in hopes of preventing a collision.

These futuristic sensors have been developed as part of the overall vision Volvo has for its brand, explains Volvo Canada CEO Marc Engelen. The automaker has set a goal to ensure that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020.

Following the introduction of these features in the XC90, every Volvo car launched will be upgraded to include them.

It is important to note that as automatic safety features improve, the car is not meant to drive itself. It is still up to the driver to be as safe and cautious as possible, and only when all else fails, the upgraded features will kick in, stresses Kristine D’Arbelles, the manager of public affairs for the Canadian Automobile Association.

A driver can have a lot of technology in their vehicle that is meant to keep them safe, but if they are texting or drinking and driving, the features may not be enough to protect them.

The new features on the XC90 will be available in Canadian dealerships next April.

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