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Toyota to Push Out Fuel Cell Vehicles by End of 2014

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Toyota to Push Out Fuel Cell Vehicles by End of 2014

Toyota is pulling all stops to release their new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) ahead of schedule. Their plan is to have the cars enter production by mid-December, so that they could make an appearance in showrooms by the end of 2014, says a report from The Japan Times. Toyota’s first FCV Concept has debuted during the Tokyo Motor Show in November last year to mixed reception. Toyota has defended the car by stating that the Prius hasn’t been well-received at first either. Read More

How to Gain Confidence and Become Better at Everything (Including Haggling)

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Whether you’re haggling over the price of that new Ford Escape, or making a huge presentation at work, confidence is key to your success. For those that are naturally confident, work and life can be a breeze, but for the rest of the world getting ahead isn’t as easy. Learn how to gain confidence from just a few simple tips, and watch, as the world becomes your oyster. Read More

How to Save Up Enough Money to Buy a New Car

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When it comes to tough decisions, buying a new car is certainly ranks high on the list. If you’re young and still in the process of growing your career, things can be even tougher. Although a new car is a major financial undertaking, owning one provides you with the freedom and flexibility that is unmatched. Whether you are on the lower or higher end of the budget, buying a new car is always a decision worth pondering, which is why following tips like the ones below to save money is a great way to achieve your dream. Read More

Top 10 Cars Designed Specifically for Women

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Men and women differ in more ways than one – no secret there – so does it really come as a big surprise that we have different tastes in cars? A woman might not gravitate towards an F150 (the truck is designed for a more masculine client – big doors, big flatbed, larger presence on the road), in the same way that a man probably isn’t too interested in driving a Volkswagen Beetle around town (c’mon, they rock a flower vase at the dash)! Most companies though have become savvy enough to realize that certain features and aesthetics appeal to certain sexes, and offer a great variety of vehicles to cater to both.

Check out this top 10 list of cars designed with a female driver in mind. Read More

7 Reasons Why Financing a New Car is Better Than Leasing

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7 Reasons Why Financing a New Car is Better Than Leasing

You need a car to get from point A to point B, but is it better to finance or lease one? We’ve recently discussed when leasing can be a good idea, but is it the best option overall or only in certain cases? We’re here to answer that question.

Investing in a vehicle is a big decision, and you shouldn’t treat it lightly. Of course, you’ve figured out the make and model, perhaps it’s a Toyota Highlander. Then you’ve confirmed the colour. Now, it’s time for the big question: do you want to buy it… or do you want to lease it? Each side presents its own pros and cons: Leasing enables you to swap cars after a predetermined year, but you’ll have to pay fixed installments that might cost you more over time, whereas financing may offer you more freedom in the long run, despite the temporary interest. It all depends on your lifestyle and cash flow, but here are seven other reasons why financing may just be the more practical option. Read More

Why Raising Maximum Speed Limits in Canada is a Bad Idea

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The speed limits for major cities in Canada lie in a gray area, with law enforcers and commuters being keenly aware that few drivers actually obey the rules. Most tend to exceed the speed limit in order to keep up with the flow of traffic. Whether you’re driving a sports car like a Viper or a hatchback like a Yaris, you are probably driving “too fast.” Therefore any vehicle has the potential of violating the limit without firm conviction that they have done anything out of the norm.

And that is what causes frustration for the majority of drivers, especially those that get pulled over.

An ambiguous law or a law enforced without consistency is not only a nuisance, but also a blemish on society. Determining and understanding the thin line between acceptable and criminal is a large step toward mitigating accidents, recklessness and ignorance. But should the speed limit actually be increased? Read More

Why Do Spiders Seem to Love Cars So Much?

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No longer satisfied with dark basement dwellings, spiders have begun spinning their webs in cars! Both Mazda and Toyota were forced to recall thousands of their vehicles recently due to internal pipe blockages caused by spider webs. So what is it that attracts these creepy crawlers to the tubes of a 2013 Camry? Well, when you take a look at the science involved, it helps to explain a lot. Read More

When Is Leasing a Better Option Than Financing?

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When it comes to choosing cars to buy, financing options are a key part of your final decision, but should never be the decisive factor. Since your new car is an extension of you, it should match your personality and lifestyle, not just your financial situation. And before you say that new cars are not for you, read this article to find out why buying new is always better.

Generally speaking, many people choose to finance their new car, but if you think of leasing, take into account the following factors. Read More

10 Deadliest Car Crashes Ever

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Federal research states that road mishaps kill one Canadian every three hours, disable one Canadian every seven minutes and cost the country about $27 billion a year. In any given year, the average Canadian has about a 5% chance of being involved in a crash, such as the famous 96-car Highway 400 pileup in Ontario just this year (for more info, see this report). With such a high car crash probability, there are bound to be more of them around the world. In other words, if you want to save your Venza or the freakishly expensive Audi A8 (if you indeed own one), learn from the following deadly car crashes and you can thank us later! Read More

Best Audio Books for a Long Journey

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When music becomes overplayed and conversations dry out, you just wish there was an engaging story to override the hum of the engine, the monotonous drone of the road and the endless nagging in the backseat as you journey down an endless road. There are a lot of audio books out there, so it’s understandable why you might not be sure which would fit your mood, taste or even your location.

So, consider the following choices as you pack up your Civic and head for the road. Read More

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