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If we’re going to talk luxury cars, then we’ve first got to understand what the word “luxurious” means in relation to the automobile world. Once upon a time, Unhaggle asked if luxury cars were really worth the cost and it was there that the definition was revealed – a luxury car is an ideal. It looks good, feels good, drives well and while you might not actually need the thing, it’s pretty nice getting to park one in your driveway year round.

But what makes that luxury car actually “luxurious”? Car expert and Beyond.ca writer Matt Iasenzaniro weighs in on this common car-buying question.

Luxury Features

Distinguishing a luxury vehicle from an entry-level car doesn’t seem like a complicated process (see: Mercedes is high-end and Chevy isn’t), but are there any identifying features that help differentiate one from the other?

“You will find that the overall quality of luxury cars is better, especially when we are talking about interior materials, finishes and technology.” says Iasenzaniro. “That being said, luxury cars don’t always offer superior power output or exterior design.”

And that’s when it gets a little confusing. Noting that while some entry-level cars might not offer all the pretty extras that a luxury car does, “the line between luxury and non-luxury cars is so blurred these days that in many cases it doesn’t matter whether you are paying for that high-end badge or not.”

Of course, there are always the practical reasons behind buying a higher-end car. You know, the ones that move beyond just design and aesthetic. Iasenzaniro explains, “It’s only practical to buy a high-quality car if you are planning to own it for a long time.”

He warns that depreciation would clearly come into play over time, but admits that for those looking to hang onto their car for several years, “buying a luxury car may not be a bad idea.”

Luxury in “Common” Cars

Want the quality but can’t afford it? Well, in today’s auto world getting a taste of luxury in a “common” car isn’t totally impossible. In fact, there is a variety of low-cost models that offer luxury features, more specifically the high-tech ones only found in expensive rides.

“You can now find features like heated seats, heated mirrors, dual-zone climate control and plenty of others in non-luxury vehicles,” Iasenzaniro explains. “Ten or 16 years ago, there was a clear distinction between a car like the Ford Taurus and a car like the BMW 3-Series, but today this distinction is far less apparent.”

Why Buy Luxury

Going with a luxury car over an entry-level model is a personal choice that often depends on a variety of factors (money being number one), but sometimes it’s nice to hear an expert’s opinions on why buying a high-end vehicle would make sense. Especially when the evidence suggesting these two types aren’t that far away from one another on the quality spectrum.

Beyond just making you feel good; Iasenzaniro notes a few of his reasons for buying a luxury vehicle as “the perception of quality…the brand and the prestige that go along with it. The badge is one of the biggest reasons why modern luxury cars get so much recognition.”

And finally, “longevity and build quality. If you want a high-quality car, then paying a premium price may be worth it.”

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