9 Modern Car Features We All Hate

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There’s no denying that the cars of yesteryear had their problems, but when it comes to features those old timers had a pretty good grasp on what they were doing! Modern cars may be safer and better-looking (depending on who you talk to), but not all of their updates have been welcomed with open arms. Sorry modern manufacturers! Here’s nine modern car features we all totally hate: Read More

6 Iconic Muscle Cars and Their Modern Successors

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Comparing classic muscle cars to their contemporary counterparts definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia for what has passed: automotive design as a work of art. Things like bench seats and gull-wing doors were once considered beautiful facets of older cars. But with newer cars like the Ford Flex and BMW i3, it’s easy to see that what was once an avenue for creative work has now been overrun in favour of utility and technology. Read More

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